Error by accessing Post Object data in repeater?

Hi, I would like to use a ACF post object to get a link and the post name of the selected post.
This is all working with a simple post object that is not placed in a repeater.
When it is, linking is no problem but getting other data (post name) is not working.

Using an options_page named Webdesign Settings
But Error occurs on normal pages also!

My ACF field:

I selected the page home as actual choice:

With a simple heading or paragraph it works perfect:
EDIT: in this case the ACF field is not placed in a repeater.

Now in the repeater entering the post object will throw an error and will only display the link of the post object in the frontend.

Using a static field in the repeater will give a warning that it is a repeater field and another field should be chosen and will display nothing in the frontend.

So what I am missing/is buggy is the selection of the post object field in a repeater.
Well unless I am missed something which would not be the first time :blush:

I am seeing the same issue using Cwicly’s test installation. Is this a priority for the Cwicly team?
I was considering buying this plugin but not being able to take advantage of post relationships inside a repeater is a show stopper. That’s my basic use case.

Hi there @nadim,
usually the Cwicly team are super fast in fixing bugs.

At the moment you can use a query as local alternative.

Hi there @T-low,

My apologies for not looking at this earlier.
Will take a look and hopefully have a fix for our next update.


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Hello @T-low,

Thanks for your patience on this one.
This should be addressed in

If you still encounter trouble, please don’t hesitate to let me know by replying to this thread.


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Hi @Louis,

the update fixes this error.

Thank you :blush:

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