ELI5: What is the difference between Global Styles and Global Block Styles? How are you supposed to use each?

Apologies for my lack of knowledge but what is the difference between Global Styles and Global Block Styles, and in which way is one supposed to use them?

To me it seems that Global Styles already does everything you need so I don’t understand why there is another Global Block styling possible but I don’t know much about proper web design so I’m very curious to know the supposed behaviour

Hi @boris,

Cwicly provides multiple ways to achieve tasks. This helps in different project scenarios and with different working preferences that an individual or team may have within their development strategy.

Here is a quick summary of how I see the usefulness for each area:

Global Styles > Elements > Blocks
If I assume this is what you were referring to by “Global Block Styles”, these are really useful, in that you can quickly specify defaults and class based variations for each type of Cwicly block (Cwicly is planning to add other block types, currently there is only Section and Container).

Global Styles > Elements > Blocks > Block Typography & Global Styles > Colours
In addition, there you can also specify typography and colour presets that you can choose that can be useful if you have a client that wants the flexibility to choose different fonts and colours on a per-block basis.

Global Styles > Elements > HTML & Global Styles > Typography
These are more tag oriented (as opposed to block oriented), which allows you to specify defaults and class based variations (html area only) for many common html elements. This is especially useful if you want to specify site-wide styles that will apply to non-Cwicly blocks or templates as well as Cwicly ones.

Our team at Strange Tech has members with vastly different levels of experience and we have welcomed the flexibility that Cwicly provides because there is usually a solution for every problem and a way that works well for each person.