Dynamic Value from Taxonomy on Archive Templates

I just realized that the dynamic content selector doesn’t allow for pulling in ACF field values from the current taxonomy on a taxonomy archive page.

For example, I’ve added a featured image to my Post Categories via an ACF field group:

Then I set up a template for displaying categories:

Now, I’d like to set the featured image of the current term as the background on my header/hero section in that template, but the option simply doesn’t exist:

Unless I’m missing something, this seems like an oversight, and I would expect it to be a fairly quick fix, so I’m hoping the team can pick this up sometime soon.


Hi @avunu,

I know this is a fairly late response and I am not sure exactly when this was added, but if you haven’t already solved this and for anyone else looking to do it, you can do this now using the following:

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.59.44

For Image blocks you can select TAXONOMY QUERY > Term and for background images you can select TAXONOMY QUERY > Term Query from the Location dropdown options.

@Louis & @Araminta, on that basis, it seems this can be marked as done.

Hi @StrangeTech got a same problem.

But i didnot find term in the location option ? how did you get yours ?

I have also created a seprate topic. please look at my problem too

Firstly, just need to confirm you are within a taxonomy archive template and within a Query block configured for either “Inherit Query from URL” or a manually defined Taxonomy query.

If this is the case, you should see what I showed in the screenshot.

Hi @StrangeTech,

Thank you for pointing this out, sorry for the delayed response!

However, I’m not sure this could be marked as done as currently a background image doesn’t have the ‘Current Taxonomy Archive’ location, which is available for the Image block.
Rest assured, we are planning to add this soon.

To clarify, the Image block doesn’t need to be wrapped within a Taxonomy Terms block to access the current archive taxonomy data.

Are you using a background image or Image block?

  • Using background image: For the time being, you will need to wrap your background image within a Taxonomy Terms block and set the following:

  • Using Image block: be sure to set the location to ‘Current Taxonomy Archive’

Hope this helps!

Of course, you are absolutely right - I see now from the image, it was referring to the background image rather than the Image block.

Yes, 100%. I mentioned this on the other post:

Hello , Thankyou for your response,

Actually i need for the background image, and I have tried the suggestion u give me but the output is same. Currently i am in category templates not in archive one… is that be the reason ???

Also in your screenshot, it is clearly seen when u put div inside of taxonomy terms, cwicly editor opens but in my case there is not.

Hi @Araminta, what is the correct Source for the Taxonomy Terms block to enable this solution?

Very soon it seems @Araminta, I just confirmed this appears to be fixed for background image as well now :smile: Thank you!


Thank you for confirming this on your end, @StrangeTech.

Indeed, brings the “Current Taxonomy Archive” location to the background image.