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Not sure if this is a bug or not so please remove if not appropriate category.

I’m trying to set up a template that pulls data from a set of ACF fields and while pulling from a text field into a paragraph I want to set up the fallback text in case nothing is input into the ACF field. Using the dynamic fallback section to place the fallback text doesn’t render anything in the front end. That goes when pulling from an ACF text field or ACF text area as well.

The content is rendered just fine when there’s content inside the ACF fields.

Am I missing anything?

Hi there @beleancristian,

Thanks for the report!
Indeed, it seems that the fallback property was not being properly retrieved.
It should be fixed in 1.2

Please let me know if that works for you.

Thanks once again.

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@Louis, you are on fire :fire:
Take some time for yourself also … We need you to be able to do this for the long run :slight_smile:
Thank you!


@beleancristian Definitely :wink:

We will be improving the ACF integration as a whole as well as the Query and Taxonomy Terms retrieval on the backend in the coming weeks so this definitely comes at the right time.

Thanks again for taking the time to post these bug reports, helps us so much!

Hi @Louis,

It seems this is not totally fixed :wink:

I have an ACF repeater containing a text field, and the fallback text is never rendered, be it frontend or inside the editor.
Besides, before and after text are not rendered either in the editor when field is empty.

Here is a quick workaround: use the following PHP function instead.

function repeater_field_fallback( $field_slug, $fallback ) {
	$value = get_sub_field( $field_slug );
	return ( $value != '' ? $value : $fallback );

Hello @yankiara,

Thank you for bringing this up.
This will be addressed in the coming update.

Thanks for your patience.

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