Dynamic Block ID

I have a scenario where I’d like to include a modal in a query, where the visible portion of each query result links to more content that’s rendered in a corresponding modal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be possible currently since a modal is linked to by the ID and the static ID is duplicated on every query result.

It seems that the right solution would be to dynamically insert the query result ID into the modal ID, and link it that way, but that level of dynamic control doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

So… this might just be a feature request, but am I missing something? Is there a way to accomplish this that’s not apparent?


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I think this would be (maybe more?) related to a “quick view” feature.
Would love to see something (fully customizable) like this at some point :+1:

Just bringing this up in case.

Although dynamic loading is planned in the future, you can now access the current loop id with the “loop-id” tag in the Dynamic Inserter, available from


@Louis Hi Louis. I hope you are doing well. I am yet to update to the latest version. Is this same as my request? Loop Counter

Hi @dranzer,

Good to see you here.
I missed this particular request, so will make sure to add it in the next few updates.
The implementation adds the necessary info for the ID when inside a loop (-q-x in a query, -r-x in a repeater etc…)

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