Loop Counter

Loop counter dynamic tag will allow to add serial number to query loop items. So if I have 15 items in the query loop then it should add 1 to 15.

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Having the loop counter will save me from using a Code Block with a custom query loop implementation just to be able to present the queried post as an order list. added a loop index / position:


This is amazing! Thanks @Louis

Yep! Thanks @Louis .

Just had a chance to play around with it. Here is the difference between Loop Index and Loop Position for anyone that comes across this in the future:

Loop Index
Display post index (staring from 1) in a query within a page (if you have pagination, the first post in every page will have the index 1)

Loop Position
Display the post position (staring from 1) in a query across all pages.

Example with no pagination

Example with pagination

Page 1:

Page 2:


i want to add a continuous number before each post title, like blow

is this loop index / loop position can do it ?
i seems i can not find where this Dynamic Inserter is.
i can not find any instruction about this in DOC.
so, can you please brief me a little bit on this ,

thanks a lot.

Hi @qiang814k,

The dynamic inserter can be found on the editor toolbar:


thanks so ,much for your help @StrangeTech , really appreciate!!!

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