Disable/disallow Google Fonts

It’s something I read quite frequently, I also mentioned it in another thread, so I thought why not creating a dedicated feature suggestion.

Most users, I guess, are aware that if no Google Fonts are used inside Cwicly, there is no connection to the Google Server.

But, a small mistake or negligence is sufficient to choose a Google Font instead of a local font.
Also, using templates from the Community Design Library, one would be required to check every single block to make sure there isn’t a Google Font applied somewhere.
In addition, not every user has full basic understanding of how things work.

  • Disable Google Fonts by removing them from the builder interface and only allow to pick local fonts
  • [optional] Disallow connections to the Google Fonts server, which would be helpful when using plugins which load Google Fonts by default

I think it would be neat addition to avoid the necessity of an additional plugin which exclusively addresses this single problem.
One or two toggles inside the Cwicly settings might be the more elegant and straightforward solution.

Of course, in case it’s considered, it’s not urgent to implement such functionality.
It could be tackled whenever the custom font/icon area will receive an update.

Let me know what you guys think.


I’d like to jump in and add my vote as well.

I understand that we can download and host the fonts locally. Maybe a “nice to have but not required” feature would be to select Google fonts in Cwicly and have Cwicly download and cache them locally.

There are a few plugins that already do this so not a pressing matter, just wishful thinking :blush:

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Thanks for adding your vote and thoughts @penatech :+1:

There is another feature suggestion addressing this, and it’s already been confirmed to be an option in Cwicly at some point.