Default Placeholder for Taxonomy Query Filters

Not being able to set a default placeholder for taxonomy query filters is problematic. Currently a filter shows the first category/tag as the placeholder, giving the illusion that it is being filtered when it isn’t.

If i don’t get you wrong you can simply assign the “selected” class to that element. You have to check it up in the inspector, but i think that’s the class that gets assigned when a filter is active!

Maybe I wasn’t clear on what I was asking for since I think we’re referring to different things here. I’m looking for the ability to set a custom “dummy/blank” placeholder on a “select” filter type for taxonomies. So that the placeholder could say something like “make selection”, show all relevant taxonomies on dropdown, and then go back to the dummy placeholder when the filter is cleared.

Oh yeah that’s another thing. Sorry I can’t help you there, didn’t have to use a select filter yet! :frowning:

Hi @kenneth_k,

Definitely needed. I’ll try to have it included in our next update.


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@Wolfgang Nice to see you here. :slight_smile: I guess you will fit Cwicly into your workflow of Bricks+Pinegrow?

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Haha thanks for having me here. Yeah first of all I’m just playing around with it in a small project, thought that’s the perfect one to test it.

But to be honest, I’m very impressed, i didn’t expect such a mature plugin from cwicly. I really have to rethink about some things, since i think it should get more attention, so much out of the box and specially relative styling - i love it! At the end of the day for me everything is about efficiency, and i think cwicly can bring in a lot of features to achieve that!

It’s more about integrating it with real complex PG Blocks & custom made blocks than with bricks I guess, but we’ll see! :wink:


@Wolfgang Nice to know that. Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to check out Cwicly Role Editor. It will allow you to restrict the client to edit content like text or images without them being able to see cwicly styling properties. It will reduce the need to create custom pinegrow blocks for simple client editable content.

Thanks, merry Christmas to you too.

Yeah already checked that’s its powerful as well! :slight_smile: But unfortunately I’m facing a bug with the role editor. It’s always saying “license couldn’t be checked” or so, after a few seconds of editing. But only on that role which is weird.

Didn’t create a bug here yet since I’m pretty new and i wanted to check some things first and also check the forum if something similar already exists. Also maybe the option to store the license in wp-config can possibly solve that :slight_smile:

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True. The relative styling is amazing.
Welcome to Cwicly @Wolfgang

Hi @kenneth_k,

This is now available in
Sorry for the delay on this one!

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Perfect! Just tested it and works well! Thanks