Please make sure to regenerate your HTML & CSS once updated

  • Improvement: Add Placeholder option for Filter with <select> and search

  • Improvement: Move backend Dark Background setting to user entities to apply consistently when toggled

  • Fix: Decode entities for Menu block on the backend

  • Fix: Make sure have_posts() function is only applied to Posts

  • Fix: Add Location to ACF Fields in Attributes

  • Fix: Only update Repeater blocks when their entities are modified (backend)

  • Fix: Repeater links when using Frontend Rendering weren’t applied

  • Fix: On global settings save, make sure that the global styles stylesheet is also updated

  • Fix: Catch CSS errors in Quick Code

  • Fix: Quick Code → filter property was not being correctly parsed

  • Fix: z-index: 1 being applied on backend to overlay & backdrop items

  • Fix: Section block additional classes wouldn’t be properly applied when regenerated from Settings page