Data stores

Could there be an ability to have “Data Stores” (as crocoblock calls them).

Basically you create a data store i.e. “Likes” and set it to be saved in session|cookies|server(for logged in users)

You need a button in the editor “Add to store” this button could be used to add the post to user’s data store (also remove).

Also you could query all the posts in user store i.e. to have a wishlist page.

Also you could dynamically display data store count by post (how much “likes” this post have) | store (how much “likes” there are in data store)

Also using Filter you could filter a query by “likes” i.e. ASC|DESC

Also also if you have two stores like “likes” and “dislikes” you could interact with them in some way - do calculations to get average and also Filter by that.

Also also also data stores could be counted dynamicly by visiting a post. So you could use it to display user’s recently viewed post or display how many users have read a post.

I’m waiting for your comments on this. Maybe it’s already possible and Im just missing something.

Hey @mantasb and welcome to the forum.

Your suggestion has come up very recently here:

Feel free to leave a vote :+1:
Since your post is very detailed, maybe you want to post it over there again as well, so we have all info, ideas and inspiration at one place?

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Hey @mantasb and welcome to the community!

What @Marius linked to is the place to continue this discussion. Louis confirmed the possibility of looking at this in the near future.

Don’t hesitate to leave any ideas/suggestions for this feature there.