Cwicly for dummies?!

Hi there, I’m considering redesigning most if not all of my client’s sites in Cwicly (also please see my email where I’ve notified the team that the website is not fully working for me so I’m unable to purchase a license - help!). I currently use Elementor but understand that it can quickly become a very bloated plugin and I want to avoid slowing down my client’s websites at all costs or at least as best as I possibly can!

I’ve been using Wordpress and Elementor for several years now and have a pretty good understanding of html, css, javascript, etc so I don’t think I’ll struggle too much with Cwicly but I do anticipate there being a bit of a learning curve.

My clients’ websites are very content-rich in regards to the amount of media that’s uploaded (think high quality image, full-width, galleries, etc.). Our agency is known for and prides itself on creating beautiful and functional websites and I don’t want to compromise on the two (I know a lot of people who are good at one but not the other). With that being said, I’m well aware that our websites could use some speed improves as well as just an overall better backend set up.

Now that I’ve given you a bit of context, I have a few questions:

(1) Are components a sure replace for ACF?

(2) Is the input block used to create contact forms? Where is the information that’s captured stored? Can you set up page redirects on submission?

(3) This might be a silly question because I’m sure the answer is yes but I’ve just not seen any examples similar to these - Here are two of the websites that I’ve created in Elementor that I’d like to recreate in Quickly: and - Do you think this is possible with the current state of Cwicly or should I hold off until more features and/or blocks are available?

Welcome @jayda,

They can be used alongside ACF and in some cases they can be used as an alternative.

As the number of property types grows, I’m sure we will see more and more people using Components for many different scenarios and in ever increasingly creative ways.

While you can certainly do a lot with the input block, full form functionality is a planned feature:

It is absolutely possible to create websites like these. Cwicly is ideal for building your own custom themes from the ground up and gives you a vast amount of creative control over the layout and styling.

Wow! Thank you for such a thorough response! @StrangeTech I’ve started to play around and I’m rebuilding to get the hang of things but have already hit a roadblock! Is it possible to make the background image of a section block a slideshow (as seen in the hero section on the example website)? Or do I need to use a slider block and put content over that?

You can either use a Slider block (for static content) or you can use a dynamic slider (for dynamically loaded content from a post query or from ACF).

You can place whichever blocks you need within the slider template and assign background images to them, so if you set the number of displayed slides to 1, it should behave like a standard hero slider. :+1: