Custom query on query loop

Hi. Is there any way to add custom query parameters on query loop? I want to use wpgridbuilder and creatre the layout using cwicly query loop. but in order to make the wpgridfilter works, i need to add a custom parameter. Right now its not possible to edit code on a query loop.

this seems to be an alternative Wp Gridbuilder cwicly quiry filter but it is better if we can add custom parameters on a query loop.

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Hi. Did you find a solution?

Hello @kris and @dranzer,

We will be adding a filter to the Query block in the next few updates.


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that’s great. hope it will be release soon together with mega menus and more woocommerce feature. thanks louis

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Hey @Louis,

Thats great news! - could defo do with this for a few projects.

Would this be directly in the Query Editor Block (paste in in the args) or by targeting a specific Query ID with filter/function ?