Custom Design Library

From old feedback:

A separate place where you can store your own sections so you can build your own design library with a good accessibility, own categories and related snapshots of the actual section. Just like the Cwicly design library. I know there is something existing already, but this is not meant to create, manage and continuously extend a large library.

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Yes, this would save so much time for me, and would make building processes so much quicker.

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Indeed, this is needed.

This is going to be reviewed with our next iteration of the Design Library which should include our designs, your own personal ones and community shared designs.


Has any thought been given to using block patterns instead of pre-designed templates?

Hi there @David,

Indeed, this would have been the simplest way to go.

Sadly, with the current implementation of patterns we can’t control anything when the block is inserted, which means we cannot change the unique ID of the block which in turn will create problems with our internal class management.

But the new design library will be a lot closer to the current implementation of patterns, which I must say are very easy to access and insert.

So :+1: for bringing this up.

Hey, @Louis,

would it be possible to copy Oxygen’s implementation of owning your own library on a separate WP installation which you can access through an API key?

Hi @jUrkY3fO,

Indeed, we’re looking at multiple solutions and Oxygen’s is certainly appealing.
A user will definitely be able to create his own library and share (sell?) it with others.

Also what seems really important is allowing an end-user to set up a complete theme (with templates, template parts, conditions) provided by you from A to Z from within the library, basically with a single click…

The point we’re still not quite sure on is if the libraries will be stored on our servers (you retain all rights) or use the user’s WordPress installation as a base.

Suggestions are always welcome :wink:

Option to sell own library would be truly awesome.

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I think letting us use our own would be the best solution. Takes stuff off your back so you can focus on the more important stuff.

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How would one handle dynamic content?
What about custom post types, ACF options, etc.?
In terms of complete themes, this would be necessary.
Is this achievable in some (convenient) way?

Agreed, even if there will be an official Cwicly template marketplace (which of course could follow its own rules then).

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Back to the question of Block Patterns … one of the features of GenerateBlocks Pro is that you have a local block pattern area. You use Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks to create patterns in that place, just as if you were using the editor normally, but after you save them they show up in the patterns area in the editor. People have been saying it is a good way to create branded “components” for clients. Any way, just a thought.

I’ve used both Oxygen’s User Design Library and Kadence’s Child Theme Builder. The Oxygen implementation is much simpler and it is easy to share templates for yourself to use on other sites or to share with others. The Kadence version you can share / sell child themes / template kits. It is cool, but it seems like mainly designers who want to start a business use it.

I’m really looking forward to a better custom design library and love all of the mentioned ideas. Please keep me up-to-date!

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Must have Library features:

  • share my whole library or some items from my library with other sites I choose ( a list of domains )
  • add/import multiple pages and websites into my library as remote libraries ( as in oxygen/breakdance ) but for many remote websites
  • exclude all others libraries from Cwicly and let only my libraries available to clients
  • choose which library items ( individually ) from community library will be visible into my library
  • upload a screenshot/image for each item of the library to see it visually !!!
  • import/export each library item and the whole library as json file
  • set a password for the library or an API key
  • save ( sections, pages, websites, templates, code, settings as in Divi Cloud )
  • create my own categories and assign categories/tags/title/description for library items
  • search my library by tags / category / title / description

I’d like to add another use case for this, copied from a question I posted today: Thanks to @dranzer for pointing out this thread!

Would love to see this functionality at some point soon. I believe it would be one of the best ways for new folks like me to learn not only about Cwicly specifically, but also somewhat about the underlying logic and structure of web design in general, taking a look at how the folks who built the builder put it to its best use!

Hi could i ask if there is a roadmap/update on 3rd party or remote libraries?