Is there any way to install a full Cwicly theme design to learn from?

Hello, just getting started with Cwicly, and I would love to be able to set up a dummy site with all the right pages and blocks to be able to fully tinker and learn from the Martina theme (for example). I’d like to see how the theme is supposed to work on the front end, see how everything ties together in the back end, and experiment with settings, classes, etc. from that starting place as a way to learn more efficiently about what Cwicly can do.

Then, I’d expect to go from there, to either keep portions of the theme and adapt to what I want to create, or to start over having gotten a better idea of what’s possible.

Is this possible? If so, how should I go about it?


I think it’s not possible atm to import all pages. You can import all sections of a particular layout/page to a page individually via the design library right now.

It’s on the roadmap though. Custom Design Library - #7 by Louis

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Thank you for the link, @anon32808828 – glad to see functionality like this is in the works!