Custom CSS is not applied if template part is set as a global part


I created a header and a footer template part and wanted to do some changes to the menu block in the custom css tab. The changes were displayed on the backend but not on the frontend.

So I did some testing and found out that custom css changes (I tested custom css changes to the section and menu block) were not applied to the frontend if the header and footer template part were set as a global part.

If I set the header and footer template part for each template individually (with the help of the template part block), the custom css changes were applied to the frontend.

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Hi there @MarcovB,

Sorry for the late reply, and welcome to the forum!

Indeed, this is a very interesting find. I can reproduce this on my side, although I’ll have to dig a bit deeper to find out why it’s not being processed.

Thanks for bringing it up and taking the time to post here, much appreciated.

Hey Louis,

thank you! The late reply is no problem, it wasn’t an urgent matter.

I’m new to Cwicly and I’m going to spend the next few days/weeks familiarizing myself with all the possibilities Cwicly gives us before I’ll use it to build websites.

I stumbled upon on more thing as I played with some header designs: In the editor for the template parts, sometimes the “responsive bar” on the top, right to the template name, isn’t showing up. It happened to the premade header and footer template parts right after logging in.

After that I opened a self created template part and the responsive bar showed up. Then when I returned to the header and footer template parts, the responsive bar was there too. I don’t know if this issue is reproducable for you.

But the main issue I have with the responsive settings of the template part editor is that they don’t work as well as the responsive settings on other parts like the template, post and page editor.

The template part editor is the only editor where the responsive handles are displayed and they seem to not work well together with the responsive bar button. In fact, the responsive bar buttons aren’t working properly at all. It’s a very clunky experience to create a responsive header template part for example.

I’m sorry for the long explanation. :smiley:

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Hi @MarcovB,

Thanks for the details and your experience.
We should have most of the issues you’re encountering fixed today.

Sorry for the inconvenience with the Template Part editor. This is a place where it seems the Gutenberg team had a bit of fun without ever really cleaning things up correctly!

Thanks for your patience.

Hello @MarcovB,

The custom css should now be applied for Global Parts as of

Thanks for bringing this issue up!

Thank you for fixing this so cwicly, Louis! :smiley:

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I’m experience this exact issue after updating to Cwicly

We are also experiencing the weirdness that our script in Cwicly Custom Code will not load after a couple minutes. We have to keep going back and click save on the code to make the script reappear on the frontend, not sure if these are related issue.

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Hello @lukelee,

This should be fixed in

Please let me know if you still experience the issue.


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