Please make sure to backup your existing installation or try the new version on a sandbox installation before updating Cwicly on a production site.

  • Fix: Global Headers and Footers should now see their custom css applied on the frontend

  • Fix: Video background settings reinstated

  • Fix: Context menu in Navigator should now properly show all Insert blocks without cutting off if screen real estate not big enough

  • Fix: Possibility to Duplicate/Paste in Tab list

  • Fix: Column removal would cause history to be muddled up

  • Fix: Possibility to remove column block from navigator

  • Fix: Global Stylesheets should no longer affect the Gutenberg editor and only target the editor box

  • Improvement: Icons now replace Unit Value input labels in most cases for better homogeneity

  • Improvement: Possibility to remove Template Part wrapper added by Gutenberg

  • New: Scroll Direction added (possibility to hide/reveal header on scroll)

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