CPT, child theme & functions.php

I am used to edit the functions.php file (define my own image-sizes, my custom post types and a few more things). Where will I do stuff like this when it comes to Cwicly (can’t see an editor under Design)? Is there a child theme ready to use available or do I have to build my own?

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Hi there @Mario,

The Cwicly theme is like any other WordPress theme, so functions.php edits are fine.
The plugin and theme editor have been moved by the WordPress team to the Tools menu.

As for a child theme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wz4pHmky61B2xaSPISz6La1TQbs8F0np/view?usp=sharing

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I hadn’t noticed that until yet, thank you.


Thanks, I’ve just started testing Cwicly & had the same question.

Now that I have installed the child theme is there a way to migrate or export templates created in the main theme and import into the child theme?

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Where in the tool editor is the theme editor?

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 17.18.42



how do I change background color to single post templates, not to a single post?

I want the color to be different in posts as opposed to the rest of the pages.


You need to create the appropriate template/s in the Cwicly Themer. Design it as you wish, and then apply it accordingly using the conditions (it’s the eye icon").


for the answer, being new to Gutenberg (I used mainly Elementor and Divi) I make a lot of stupid questions.
I couldn’t find a way to change background in the template…

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I am still not finding the way to edit theme functions (without accessing the cpanel or via sftp).


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Hello @Paolo,

You’re definitely missing something as the plugin and theme editors should appear there.
Might I ask if you are using the Cwicly Theme?


Hello Louis

Yes I do use your theme.

And those are the plugins:



Hey @Paolo.

Could you check your SG Security plugin settings > Site Security:

I think this is enabled by default.

@msteinlein might be interested in that as well.


That was it!!
Thanks Marius!


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I have the same issue.
After activating child theme, templates are all gone :frowning:

How do we get them back in the child theme???

Also, too bad the child theme above doesn’t include functions.php with parent style enqueuing.

So apparently the child theme I downloaded in this thread is not working. Templates are “deleted or not available” it says when starting editing a blank Index-template. Can somebody confirm this ?

This is expected behaviour in WordPress when switching themes from the default theme to a child theme (or between any themes) as the templates are considered different.

There should be no issue once you delete the missing templates and re-add the correct ones.


Hey there Louis. Giving Cwicly another go. Curious about the child theme link you provided. There is no functions.php with style.css enqueued. Can you point me in the right direction? Are we on our own to create the functions file?