CPT, child theme & functions.php

I am used to edit the functions.php file (define my own image-sizes, my custom post types and a few more things). Where will I do stuff like this when it comes to Cwicly (can’t see an editor under Design)? Is there a child theme ready to use available or do I have to build my own?

Hi there @Mario,

The Cwicly theme is like any other WordPress theme, so functions.php edits are fine.
The plugin and theme editor have been moved by the WordPress team to the Tools menu.

As for a child theme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wz4pHmky61B2xaSPISz6La1TQbs8F0np/view?usp=sharing

I hadn’t noticed that until yet, thank you.

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Thanks, I’ve just started testing Cwicly & had the same question.

Now that I have installed the child theme is there a way to migrate or export templates created in the main theme and import into the child theme?