Copy-pasting HTML to Cwicly Blocks

This particular feature has been the thing I’ve been most excited about in 1.4. And, it was so timely from a personal standpoint because I recently saw an html copying tool, DivMagic, on AppSumo.. I swear I’m not an affiliate. But it’s blown me away.

@Marius, see my video below:


Thank you so much for this presentation @owynter :raised_hands:
Really impressive what this little extension is capable of.
Converting any design into a TW element, section or even page… :exploding_head:

If it’s reliable to an extent, surely something to consider.
Might also give it a try and share my experience here.
I’m curious what the results with more complex and especially interactive designs are.

Interactions are always going to be tough. It’s not my strong suit, to be fair.
Sadly, for now, it only copies HTML + CSS.

Still a big deal, in my opinion, with how intelligently it does it, and how well Cwicly reads the pasted info.

In TW context, it’s more related to pseudo states, like hover, focus, and even stacked modifiers, etc.
My point is how accurate this stuff gets converted, but I’m not talking about simple color changes on button hover.

Basic designs seem to be no problem, as you demonstrated.

Here’s a response from the developer:

Jan. 22, 2024, 14:25
Currently states like hover are not copied. They will be included in the next releases.
Pseudo-classes like ::before and ::after are copied.

We are planning to add support for dynamic elements even including the ones using JavaScript but the next few releases will not include it

Thank you @owynter for sharing this valuable finding :slight_smile:

I’m not much into copy/pasting from others, but the truth is stealing little things, components here and there to save time or converting some old (Divi!) site is very appealing!

The biggest benefit is being able to quickly duplicate sites built with other builders. I’ve rebuilt one site, and working on another right now. I’ve had a few on my list for a while. They still work, but maintaining them has always been frustrating because of limitations to the tools, and how I built them years ago.

“Good artists copy; great artists steal” :smile:


Thanks for sharing this @owynter - been playing with it all afternoon. Being able to copy non-Tailwind components like this opens up a whole new level to the integration.

Thank you for the share!