Copy/paste global styles not working

To reproduce:

Create a button, add a class, and add a background color to the class. Then in the Cwicly navigator, click Styles > Copy.

Create a second button. In the navigator, click Styles > Paste (global). Nothing happens.

I think this is supposed to carry over the global classes that were applied on button #1?

Also, if you add a background color to button #1’s autogenerated class, then Paste (global) on the second button, it applies the block specific background color.

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Thanks for the report @sunny
Indeed, the styles copying/pasting is experiencing a few issues with the old vs new way of copying in Cwicly.

Apologies for that!

Will have a fix out soon.


Just wanted to add to this that I don’t think “Copy Styles” in the block toolbar currently does anything either.

Hi there @sunny,

This sounds unusual.
We’re just in the midst of reworking the copy/paste for styles.
Currently, you can only paste styles to elements of the same nature as the copied one (heading block → heading block etc…).

A bit convoluted so definitely in needs of simplifying!

Hey @Louis, that’s great to hear that it’s getting a reworking. :grinning:

Currently there are a few areas that I find unclear - and that’s as someone who has spent hours inside of the builder haha.

Here’s a rundown in case it’s helpful: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

In that demo, it also looks like Copy/Paste styles worked for the div but not for the paragraph.

Hi there,

I think we can now move this to fixed as the copy/paste function was reviewed in

If you still experience trouble with this or have suggestions, I’d be grateful if you could let me know by replying to this thread.