Copy/paste all (or multiple) relative styles

Currently we can only copy one relative style at a time.

Some blocks or classes may have many relative styles and when moving relative styles to another block or global class, transferring these relative styles is currently unnecessarily time-consuming and repetitive.

It will be great to be able to copy all relative styles in a single click and then when pasting in the target, to paste them all in one go.

The most flexible approach would be to be able to select and copy multiple relative styles, but we can certainly live with just doing them all if it means getting the feature released more quickly.

Even if not all relative styles are required in the target, it is much faster to delete any unwanted relative styles than the current way of copying them individually.

Thank you!

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This is something to discuss about, since I also run into this frequently.

I thought a lot about it in the past and how this could be solved in a smart and efficient way, so I was wondering if global Relative Styles would make sense, similar to global Interactions.

A possibility to label, save and manage Relative Styles and apply them to blocks with a single click.

This came up again today for us. We often use global classes with relative styles for post content blocks as it is very clean.

The issue is, when copying styles from the global class using the class selector, the relative styles are not copied with it.

Other ways this could be done would be including the relative styles when copying styles here:

Or adding a separate button:

Hi @StrangeTech,

Thank you for sharing this!

I can definitely see the use for this, so moving this to planned.

This is odd, as I’m able to copy a global class along with its relative styles:


Could you possibly detail how you are copying your global class?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Araminta,

Thank you for responding and apologies for the lack of clarity.

I was referring to using the “Copy styles” feature from the new class selector dialog.

You are 100% correct, copying the class from the dedicated Global classes area does include the relative styles.

I will raise a separate feature request for this.

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