Contextual options on class and relative style chips - e.g. copy/paste

With the very compact and efficient new class UI, there are now easier options for managing classes. The class modal has new features which are excellent, such as copying and pasting styles for each class.

I would like to also add these and other missing options to the contextual menus for the chips in the inspector panel.

Ideally for global classes:

  • Copy styles
  • Paste styles
  • Copy relative styles
  • Paste relative styles

Currently only copy name is available:

For relative styles:

  • Copy relative style
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Currently there is no context menu for the relative style chips.

Thank you!

Having these additions, it may also make sense to add copying/pasting relative styles to the class modal also.

What I envisage is being able to quickly move things around between classes in a single view - this will save a lot of time.

I am thinking another great context menu item will be the “Move to Global Class”:

@Louis, A slightly different way it could be done is to have “Cut styles” in addition to “Copy styles”. This would remove the styles from the class you are copying from when pasting into the target class.

This would better leverage the existing UI and you would get almost all of the same benefits and speed of use.