Conflict with multiple Filters and Query Blocks and Filter disabled once query is set to author


So I have two issues.

  1. When I have multiple Filter and Query Blocks on one page the user select option pics up all parameters even the ones from the other filter. The connection between Filter and Query only seems to work with the clear all button. (More details in the video)
  2. I was planing to make the author archive filterable so I set the query to “posts” and then selected for the author the dynamic data option. The posts that show up are correct but the filter stops working. It also does not work if I select a static author instead of dynamic data. (again more details in the video)

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

  1. Create a page with two independent sets of Filter and Query Blocks as well as the User Selection filter.
  2. Make sure the IDs are different.
  3. The filter terms are applied to all Query Blocks regardless the ID.
  4. The User Selection filter pics up every selection on the page regardless the ID.
  5. Only the Clear All Filter seems to work somewhat as expected.

Screenshots, screen recording, code snippet

Environment info

  • WordPress version: latest
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version: latest
  • Cwicly Theme version: latest
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Hello @Jonas,

Thank you for the detailed video and sum up.

All issues mentioned should be fixed in

I’m unfortunately unable to reproduce the author bug you mention. Could you possibly try deactivating the Count Items property and let me know if that helps temporarily?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Louis,

thanks for the update!
I just checked and the filter works now beautifully!

Regarding the author bug I found out that this plugin causes the malfunction:

I use it to be able to have guest authors as well es multiple authors per post. It’s strange because the initial filter inside the Query Block works fine, only when the Filter Block it stops working.

We are about to implement a page with more complex filtering with multiple filters. It appears that this bug is completely fixed but as it is still marked as #confirmed I wanted to double check.

@Louis, Please can you verify there are no remaining issues regarding this, thanks.

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Hi @StrangeTech, I tried this and the issue regarding multiple filters and query blocks is indeed fixed. I think @Louis did not remove the confirmed tag because he probably wanted to check the conflict with the Co-Authors plugin.


Thank you @Jonas, so far everything is working with our filters after some tweaking.