Color Picker

I’d like to see a more intuitive color picker that comes with more (and especially Cwicly related) options.
If being considered, I’m happy to elaborate what I would find useful - feature and UI/UX wise.
I personally dislike everything about the current default one.

With the new role editor, maybe this is the right time to address this topic or at least start a discussion about it.


Hi @Marius,

Great timing.
Yes, the colour picker isn’t well suited for an improved workflow, and is somehow not intuitive.
I think we had this discussion earlier in the year and the colour picker definitely needs a custom made solution.

As you say, the role editor gives us the possibility to have a specifically catered colour picker for Cwicly while giving users the choice between the native Gutenberg implementation or the Cwicly one.

I’d love to hear your ideas/suggestions for the new colour picker!

Hi there,

Digging this one up!
As we’re getting closer to working on this, if anyone has any suggestions, we’d love to hear them :slight_smile:

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I love Bricks color picker. You may try here.

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Would there be a possible way to choose a color from anywhere in the page, including a picture?

That would be really handy.


I gues I am not a fan of the fact that you need to click on the edit button in order to paste a color Hex code.
I know it allow you to clik on the code and copy it but I find myself more in the situation where I want to paste the color.

I actually takes 2 cliks, first on the circle with the color, then on the Show details input.

It would be handy to be able to edit the hex value color in the field directly, in this case we can select it copy or paste one and if we need to have a visual input, then we can open the color picker.

So I guess it is an opinion for a step just before the color picker.

@JuGa You can also use a browser color picker extension for that.

I think this shouldn’t be a point @dranzer.
I find this an excellent idea, I also noted it on my list.

Will I use it? I don’t know. Currently I’m using Windows PowerToys for color picking.
But 3rd party tools shouldn’t play a single role when it comes down to core functionality.

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of course we can @dranzer
(which means it should be a possibility)
but that some extra work

as we are asked for improvement, I thought I should put it out there.
I found myslef often, willing to use the color picker in the page, outside of its borders.

I posted this in another thread as well, but I’ve quite liked the colour picker Bricks has:

It took a while to get used to vs. a standard colour wheel, but I love that you can use one base colour and create a second that is the exact hue/saturation but just a bit lighter.


Hi @JuGa,

You can paste any type of colour code without opening the colour picker.


sorry, I thought I tried without success

that makes total sense that is why I was surprised to not be able to do it
my bad, I am still really new to the tool, so…

sorry you had to waist some time for such an error on my side
and thank you for taking the time

Our new implementation of the Colour Picker is available in 1.2.4.

Next to come will be advanced work on the gradient builder for a more intuitive and speedy experience.


Amazing first impression, great work @Louis.
I’m also looking forward to the gradient builder as well.

Just one thing.
Inside the Themer, the global colors preview is not working.

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What an insane speed of updates! Current roadmap will be over in no time at this rate. Thank you for the great work @Louis

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I agree, the new colour picker pretty much has everything. I only have a couple notes while we’re on the topic:

  • in the video it shows an eyedropper, but I don’t see that on mine?
  • it’d be nice to be able to re-arrange global colours

That’s basically it :grinning:



  1. Eye Dropper


Well that’s interesting. Looks like it might be working in Chrome but not Firefox.

(P.S. The colour palette works, I just disabled it).

Hi @sunny,

We decided to go with the EyeDropper API - Web APIs | MDN since other options would add constraints somewhere else…
While the support is somewhat limited, it is a native solution that I find perfect in every way (although non-Chromium users don’t get the benefit).

If you know of an alternative, I’m all ears.

Ah, gotcha :slight_smile:

I’d consider it more as a nice-to-have, so I don’t think it’s a big deal that it doesn’t appear in FF.

Plus Firefox does have an eye dropper built into its dev tools which I use quite frequently.