Color Picker

I’d like to see a more intuitive color picker that comes with more (and especially Cwicly related) options.
If being considered, I’m happy to elaborate what I would find useful - feature and UI/UX wise.
I personally dislike everything about the current default one.

With the new role editor, maybe this is the right time to address this topic or at least start a discussion about it.


Hi @Marius,

Great timing.
Yes, the colour picker isn’t well suited for an improved workflow, and is somehow not intuitive.
I think we had this discussion earlier in the year and the colour picker definitely needs a custom made solution.

As you say, the role editor gives us the possibility to have a specifically catered colour picker for Cwicly while giving users the choice between the native Gutenberg implementation or the Cwicly one.

I’d love to hear your ideas/suggestions for the new colour picker!