• Fix: Remove modal width property from .cc-modaler

  • Fix: Allow expired licenses to continue using Cwicly

  • Fix: Frontend Rendering make sure Author ID is properly retrieved

  • Fix: Library filters would possibly be badly positioned on smaller screen sizes

  • Fix: Custom pseudo classes switching would create a possible dead-end situation

  • Fix: Global classes should now have the appropriate specificity on the Post Editor in Desktop view

  • Fix: Global fonts would not be retrieved on Post Editor when switching breakpoints

  • Fix: Cwicly navigator would jump to top on selection of lower items in the tree

  • Fix: Cwicly navigator enter key would cause a line break

  • Fix: Fetch fresh Global Classes when regenerating them from Settings page

  • Improvement: Display properties reworked for improved workflow

  • Improvement: New Cwicly Colour Picker (accessibility checks, palette, eye dropper, HSLA and RGBA sliders)