Collapse blocks in navigation by default or remember last setting

The first thing I do when editing a page/post/template is collapse all blocks in Cwicly Navigator. It allows me to rapidly find the block I want to edit or the place I want to add new blocks to.

The blocks are expanded by default in the navigator. I often refresh the page (e.g., when adding/editing ACFs) and blocks are always reverted to their expanded state - which forces me to go over the same process of collapsing everything again.

I’d love if the blocks in the navigator would be collapsed by default. Or if the last state would be remembered (although I recognize that this second option might be more challenging for the team as it means saving a state per page/post/template).

Another acceptable solution would be a quick way to collapse all blocks (keyboard shortcut or clickable item)

Agreed, at least there could be an option to start with a collapsed Navigatior after page load.

In my opinion, an expanded Navigatior would only make sense when there are only a few blocks on a page which rarely is the case.

That’s already possible.
You can find the icons when hovering the area.

Thanks, @Marius. I missed that “Close all” button. It would be nice to be able to configure the default state of the navigator as you mentioned. But I am fine with the “Close all” button really.

An option for a collapsed Navigator when loading into the Editor.
First thing I do every time after entering the Editor is to collapse it manually, so maybe this could be implemented in some way.

Curious what other users think about it.

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Yes I do the same! I have to collapse everything in the Navigator every time I load the editor. Otherwise it is far more difficult to find what I am looking for.

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I am not fine with clicking “close all” all the time.
Feature Requests Please remember/save the last selection and/or add a global setting for the default behavior. Please. :pleading_face:

Many new enhancements to the Navigator in 1.4.1! including default state and per block toggling of collapsed state:

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Hi @nadim,

Thank you for sharing this!

With 1.4.1, you can now toggle on/off whether the Navigator is expanded or not by default from the Navigator settings:

Moving to done.