The big UI/UX topic

I am missing 1-2 things inside the block inspector.
The reason why I didn’t mention it to date is, because it was cluttered, especially the Primary tab.
It got better over time but with v1.1.6 I’m seeing great improvements.

So there could be an area, for instance here (red area):

where the current block (description from the Navigator) is displayed and maybe even also editable.

In addition it could contain the Navigator tree (clickable block breadcrumbs), like:
Section > Columns > Column > Heading

I know this is already available in Gutenberg, but same problem here like with the block description from the Navigator:
The way you have to move with the mouse and/or eyes is just too far, in case I just want to check which block I am currently editing.
I’m losing focus, travelling all the time from one area to another.

Hope things are clear, was too lazy to create a mock-up, but will do if necessary.
In case this gets considered, in could come with an option to enable/disable it, because space is valuable and there are people who don’t need this anyway.

Also, the blocks in the Navigator could be collapsed by default.
Not sure why it would make sense to display everything when entering FSE mode.
It’s just 1 click so I really don’t care about it. Just on a side note.

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