Changes to ACF Pro bundling

Hello everyone,

About ACF, we finally received a reply from their team!

The good news is that all current Cwicly users can continue to benefit from the ACF Pro bundling that comes with Cwicly.

However, new users will not benefit from ACF Pro being bundled with Cwicly.

This is automatic and requires no action on your part.

This changes our relation to ACF and we will be pushing forward our integration of similar plugins.

For those who have the bundle but want to deactivate ACF, we now have a constant that you can define to false from CWICLY_ACF.

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Hi @Louis,

thanks for the update!
Just to be sure. All current users can use ACF Pro in the future for new projects. So the “Current Cwicly users” does not refer only to currently active installations of Cwicly in combination with ACF Pro.

Hi @Louis
I understood correctly:

  1. ACF pro will not be included anymore?
  2. work only on a separate purchase ACF or support too will not be?
  3. Are you planning another free analogue?

Hello @Jonas,

It is relative to order dates. All orders that were made prior to this announcement will see ACF Pro bundled and active.

Hope that clears things up :slight_smile:


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Hello @DenisKozeev,

ACF Pro will be bundled and active for all orders made prior to this announcement.
The integration is unchanged and will work with bundle or your own version of ACF.

We will be pushing forward the integration with alternatives.



Question: I already have ACF Pro. Is it better that I install ACF Pro anyway? I am not very clear.
Many thanks.

Personally, I am happy to see this as I hope it puts Metabox up on the roadmap.

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It is too bad that ACF changed their policy, but overall it seems like a fair way to handle it so that Cwicly, for instance, doesn’t have to clawback ACF from people who already purchased Cwicly.

I’m happy to see other integrations, but on some level focusing just on ACF may have meant that it was quicker to add new features.


If you have a Cwicly license bought early on, you have it bundled with ACF. So there is no need to use your own license on a Cwicly build other then if you need support from ACF or Cwicly will fail providing updates for ACF in a timely manner. There your own license will give you support and independent updates to ACF Pro.

I don’t see updates a problem, but well you are on the safe side if you have your own license in that regard.

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Thank you Jonn for a speedy reply.

@Louis, this is good point. Just want to clarify that we will continue to receive updates to ACF Pro in the now, effectively, grandfathered Cwicly accounts?

The changes will not affect your Cwicly license if you bought (subscribed to) Cwicly before the announcement.

Of course you will receive updates. :sweat_smile: But you have to wait until cwicly distributes them. Like the last years. No change for you. No support from ACF amd no direct updates. Same same. Like before.

Man… :neutral_face: you are on edge here.

Thanks @Louis for deactivation option. I put define( ‘CWICLY_ACF’, false ); in wp-config.php and ACF is gone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If I purchased a pro license but upgrade later on, will ACF be bundled with this upgraded license? I wasn’t sure if this counted as a new order/license or just extended the old one.

@fidlet if you purchased any Cwicly license before the date of 10 February 2024 you will have the full pro version of ACF Pro and all updates going forward. After that date the Pro version of ACF is no longer bundled within Cwicly.

@Louis for those of us who had Cwicly license using the old payment method and had to place another order after the Feb 10, because our licence did not automatically get renewed.

Is there a way to have ACF back since its not our fault that we had to place another order.

Hello @zagency,

Please reach out to so that they can help you out with this.



I already sent an email.

Looking forward to a response. Thank you.

After disabling CWICLY_ACF and installing ACF Pro I get this:

Must it be done before starting with a project? Or do i need to have it enabled also when installing ACF Pro myself?