Be able to select font style for Google Font to Font Manager

The font manager is fantastic. I can finally get the google font local hosting with one click.

I have feedback about it.
For Google Fonts, the font manager allows us to install the font, but I don’t have the option to choose the font style I want. I don’t need all the styles for the font. For some fonts like Inter, I only use 300,400,600. So I don’t need the rest to appear in my stylesheet(or inline CSS).

As seen from the screenshot above, it seems the font is loading all the resources for the font.

Or am I misunderstanding anything from the screenshot?

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Was about to create the same feature request.

This would be helpful. For me the main reason would be to make sure only the pre defined font weights will be used throughout the project.
Between projects I can’t remember what styles I used for what font so I always have to check first. So would be great if the dropdown only provides the styles that are selected in the font manager.