Backdrop Filter

I really would like to see the backdrop-filter property in Cwicly.
It could live just inside the filter options as a tab next to the filter property.

Now that there is finally official support for Firefox since past month and now all major browsers can handle it, it should be supported by Cwicly as well.

I hope it gets considered at some point, as well as the missing (backdrop-)filter value.


Hi @Marius,

The backdrop filter has been introduced in the background settings which you can find can find at: DesignBackgroundStyling

But thanks for bringing this up as you should also be able to apply the backdrop filter property to the element itself (and not just :before).


Thanks for the feedback and hint @Louis!

I suspected it to be somewhere hidden, since I was confident the roadmap header effect wasn’t created with custom CSS.
I’ve also searched the docs, but found nothing when typing in backdrop.
Something new learned here.

But indeed, what I was looking for, was applying it to the actual element.
Really looking forward to that implementation in the future, thank you!


Bump! Any update on this?
It would really bring a lot to design (I mean without having to use CSS).

Really needed, please unlock :unlock: :pray:


Awesome, thank you @Louis and the Cwicly team!


Thank you for pointing this out, @StrangeTech!

Indeed, the backdrop-filter property is officially unlocked :unlock::


Moving to done.


That’s awesome :heart_eyes:
Thanks for taking care of Relative Styling and WebKit too.

One step closer to a full no-code experience :tada:
Love you guys!