Annoying scroll in structure panel when adding/removing/pasting blocks

** Cwicly Plugin version: **


There is some annoying scoll in structure panel each time we edit blocks (add, remove, paste), be it with quick bar or WP add popup or right click insert:

I don’t understand why there is even any scroll at all.

Hi @yankiara,

The horizontal scroll bar has been removed in
Thanks for your report.


@Louis I think Yan might have been talking about this vertical scroll whenever inserting an element:

CleanShot 2023-03-20 at 13.43.59


Hi there @sunny,

Now you mention it, the arrows make sense, thanks for describing it :wink:

I can see how this can be considered off-putting, will have this addressed in our next update.



Hi @Louis,

Any update on this?
This is absolutely not fixed and wrongly marked so.

This is one of the most annoying bugs ever, it makes building process a real pain, having to scroll back up at every structure edit.

As @sunny can replicate it as well, it doesn’t seem to be an isolated problem.

This kind of issue should be number one priority, please :pray:

I can also replicate this when deleting blocks.

I agree, it is very disconcerting to lose the editing position and have to scroll around to find it again, especially when there is a complex block structure.

Thx for confirming @StrangeTech!
Is it only when deleting???

The issue even randomly happens when just selecting a block in the canvas now!

For my workflow and the sites I am working on, yes.

I just tested with a large vertical section website. When selecting paragraph, heading and image blocks inside sections, the navigator properly centres the block within itself. When deleting any block, it scrolls off similarly to your screen recording.

Hi @yankiara,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
I apologise for the inconvenience this bug may have caused you.

I can confirm that:

  • Adding from the Quick Inserter
  • Deleting a block
  • Selecting any block on the canvas

Result in the Navigator scrolling back up to the top.

Rest assured, we will try to address this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hello @yankiara,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this, although I cannot reproduce what you’re experiencing. I don’t think this specific part was confirmed by @sunny either.

Can you please give me a few details:
The browser you’re using and the editor you’re on (post or site, or both).

Thanks in advance.

If I understand them correctly, it’s the ‘jump’ to the top I experience when adding blocks, especially copy and pasting blocks. Every time I do it I have to hunt down were the new block went. The best way to recreate this is have a full Navigator long enough that you have to scroll through the elements. Then add a new element or paste something in. You will see the jump to the top.

I am on Mac OS Ventura. Cwicly version

Hello @hopscotch,

Can you please confirm your browser please?

Here is how the navigator behaves on my end: Navigator Add/Delete

Please let me know what I’m missing here.

Hi @Louis I use Opera mostly (Chromium) Brave and sometimes Safari.

Hello @hopscotch,

Thank you for confirming that.
Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this behaviour on my end with the browsers you’ve mentioned. @Araminta has confirmed an issue which we will be addressing, but for what you’re experiencing, I will need some more insight.

@Louis here is a video that may help.

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Thanks, @hopscotch. Really appreciate you taking the time to video this. Will try and see what could be going wrong.

@Louis it’s one of those issues that a video can only explain :grinning:
Thanks a million for looking into it


Hi @Louis,

I’m using Brave and Chrome on Windows 11.

Happens with both editor modes, post or FSE.

Here is an even more disturbing example within the post editor. It looks pretty erratic, and sometimes the selected block is even totally outside the structure viewport:

The same post edited with Firefox is much better, since selected block is always visible in the structure, even if for some blocks the wrong scroll still happens.

Hi team,
Any update regarding this issue?
This is one of the most annoying ever, when working with page structure, impacts workflow a lot.
Thanks in advance :pray:

It seems to be MUCH BETTER with, THANK YOU!!!

But still, I noticed a small issue: When structure is longer than panel height, i.e. when the whole structure doesn’t fit inside structure panel viewport, clicking on a block in editor canvas doesn’t update structure panel to put selected block in the viewport.

For instance, scroll navigator to bottom, select first block of post in canvas, navigator doesn’t update and we don’t see the highlighted block because it is out of sight.