Adding & removing columns


I find the current Columns element a little tedious to use. In particular, I wish you could duplicate or remove columns with the navigator.

If you want to remove a middle column, it’s currently not possible without deleting all the columns that come after it as well.

Or if you are using a column as an icon box, you either need to duplicate each element to insert into your new column, or unnecessarily wrap them all in a div and duplicate the div.

Ideally a Column element would get treated just like any other element.

Let me know if any of that needs clarification at all :slight_smile:

Hey @sunny,
nice to see you here.

There were already some discussions about this topic, here is the latest info about it:

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Ah, thanks for linking that.

In that case, would love to see a Pro Columns block. I think the CSS grid implementation is really nice, but it’s unfortunately almost unusable because of the current Columns block limitations.

@sunny for the deleting part, you can delete the columns as any normal blocks. And afterwards, the empty grid will be placed at the end. (which you can remove it with the “-”)

Oh - it looks like you can only do it through the element toolbar? The navigator actions do nothing. And then it breaks Undo functionality as well: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

That’s a pretty unusable experience :stuck_out_tongue:

A few of these issues have been resolved in
Duplicating still needs attention.

Thanks for bringing this up @sunny

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Well that was fast. That’s already much better.

Is there any chance that you’ll ever be able to duplicate columns? I think that’s the last thing it’d need for me to actually use the element.

Being able to duplicate a column block inside a columns block will be possible in the next few updates.

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That’s great to hear, thanks!