Add free text input for box-shadow property


Having separate number/color inputs for box-shadow is OK but I think we also need a free text input so that we can easiliy use:

  • CSS variables for the whole property like var(--header-shadow) ;
  • ‘none’ to remove shadow on specific breakpoints.

Also check this thread: Custom transition-timing-function values - #3 by yankiara

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Hello @yankiara,

Thanks for this suggestion.
This is now available in

If you have any remarks on the implementation or further suggestions, please don’t hesitate.


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Hey there @Louis.

Good to see more freedom here.
Are there any plans for a unit dropdown menu and a default unit?

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Hi @Louis,

It seems to work perfectly, thx so much :heart:

One great improvment would be to sync the free input and separate inputs but this is already very usable :slight_smile:

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