ACF Label available for Attributes

Hi @Louis and @Araminta, I tried to get your thoughts on this in my initial bug report but it seems that a thread in Fixed Bugs is not followed (understandably so). So I now try it with this feature request.

I would like to be able to select either the Value or the Label of a custom field in the Attributes. This can be helpful when the value of the ACF is an icon for example and the Label the description.

I described a usecase here:

In short:
You have an ACF Options Field where the client can manage his/here social links.

The Value of the Platform Selection is the brand icon and the label the brand name.
When I use these in on the page I need a description for the link so screenreaders can describe what the link does. For this description I would like to use the aria-label="acf-platform-label" but at the moment the label can’t be selected for the attribute.