Ability to paste only Cwicly blocks (e.g. headings and lists)

Currently it is possible to set the default block, which allows us to paste content and paragraphs will automatically become Cwicly paragraphs.

If content contains other structured data such as headings or lists, these become the core blocks rather than the Cwicly versions.

As standard practice, we would like to completely disable the core blocks, and wherever possible not confuse users or for them to have a mixture of Cwicly and non Cwicly blocks.

Unfortunately, currently if we disable the core Heading and/or List blocks, pasting will fail if the copied content contains these structures.

It will be much better for users if we can either set default heading / list blocks or simply paste the Cwicly versions if the core versions are disabled.

Thank you!

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I keep forgetting to mention this

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@Araminta, I just noticed apart from the mention of lists, this is essentially a duplicate of:

As the client editing experience is a big priority when delivering a site, I’m just bringing some attention to this request again.

Now that that Navigator is client ready and the Gutenberg List View can be safely hidden forever, it will be nice to do the same for all standard Gutenberg blocks (e.g. Headings and Lists) like we can do for the Gutenberg paragraph.