Enable paste text into paragraph generating Cwicly Headings and Cwicly Paragraphs only

This is important when migrating from other sites to Cwicly, because it’s a currently a mess:
(Remark: Cwicly Paragraph is eet in the Global Styles as default)

  1. copying a sequence of text including different headings and paragraphs just from marking the sequence on the frontend

2a. This is how it works with standard Gutenberg as Target environment:
pasting it into a paragraph of the target site and page, the sequence is nicely resolved into respective headings and paragraph automatically

2b. This is how it works with Cwicly as target:
pasting it into a Cwicly paragraph results in Gutenberg Blocks only. Even the pasting of 2 paragraphs results into Gutenberg paragraphs only. Disabling the standard Gutenberg headings and paragraphs is not a solution either, as pasting into the sequence of text into a Cwicly paragraph is not working at all

Solving the above would be a huge relief when migrating from other sites, or even when copying some text elsewhere from the web, and necessary to avoid making Cwicly falling back behind current WordPress efficiency

@Marius @Louis any feedback on this?

To enable seamless editing for clients while allowing them to use all Cwicly blocks, this is very important.

Headings and paragraphs are likely the most common elements used and therefore the workflow of using these will have the most impact on productivity and user experience with Cwicly.

@Louis For paragraphs solved with version [] now, which is great and saves a lot of time, many thanks for that. To make it perfect, it would be great that such pasting also creates the headings as cwicly headings (currently pasted headings with a text a are just converted to Gutenberg native headings), and finally for lists too.

To be consistent it might be necessary to enhance the tagging of the default block to more than one, currently it is this:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-14 um 20.58.02

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@FZwo I was meaning to give out about pasting text in a Cwicly paragraph block much appreciated that you made the request. Thank you @Louis for sorting that it makes never ending corporate privacy policy pages a much easier to build. Also that ability with Headings and Lists would be lovely.


One more thing I noticed with the Cwicly paragraph block, which slows me down, is that the backspace doesn’t work when you have two paragraphs and then decide to make them as one.
So, when you hit enter, it creates a new paragraph, but to reverse that, you hit backspace and expect to remove the paragraph and combine the text again as one. At least this is how it works with the default Gutenberg block but not apparently the case with Cwicly paragraph block.
It’s important when doing text corrections, especially after pasting.
I’m not sure if I didn’t notice this before or if it was working in the previous version, but with the latest version, it’s not working, at least on my end.