Enable paste text into paragraph generating Cwicly Headings and Cwicly Paragraphs only

This is important when migrating from other sites to Cwicly, because it’s a currently a mess:
(Remark: Cwicly Paragraph is eet in the Global Styles as default)

  1. copying a sequence of text including different headings and paragraphs just from marking the sequence on the frontend

2a. This is how it works with standard Gutenberg as Target environment:
pasting it into a paragraph of the target site and page, the sequence is nicely resolved into respective headings and paragraph automatically

2b. This is how it works with Cwicly as target:
pasting it into a Cwicly paragraph results in Gutenberg Blocks only. Even the pasting of 2 paragraphs results into Gutenberg paragraphs only. Disabling the standard Gutenberg headings and paragraphs is not a solution either, as pasting into the sequence of text into a Cwicly paragraph is not working at all

Solving the above would be a huge relief when migrating from other sites, or even when copying some text elsewhere from the web, and necessary to avoid making Cwicly falling back behind current WordPress efficiency