Ability to open a Block's Quick Editor from the Inspector Panel

As mentioned by @jornes:

Definitely useful for efficiency.

Thank you!

Now that as of Cwicly 1.4.1 we can Alt+Click the global and virtual block class chips to open the Quick Editor, I thought perhaps there is a way to give this request some love also.

How about adding an icon to the right of the class input field for this:

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 01.46.04

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 01.46.39

This way it can also be used for global classes as well.

@Louis, what are your thoughts?

Yes, that would be useful.
I also appreciate the removal of the Quick Code icon on class chip hover.

Please no icons inside or next to it anymore.

Alt + click, context menu - please do not add an additional one.
I know you’re probably intending to have a universal option for both block and global class, but don’t see this kind of implementation here, as virtual classes would not fall into this category, so an additional layer and inconsistency would arise.
The class chips should always behave the same.

Alt + click and context menu, like we are now used to, maybe for: