Ability to detach, position, resize and persist the Quick Editor

Currently the Quick Editor appears on hover and stays open while focused.

When there are a lot of styles we have to scroll vertically to see them and when there are longer lines of code (such as is output by the Grid Builder), we have to scroll horizontally to view them.

It will be great to be have the following additional features to help with this:

  1. move and resize the editor dialog so it makes it easier to visualise the code and edit it.
  2. persist (keep open) the quick editor and automatically show the styles for the currently selected block or global class in it.

Thank you! :smile:

Added in 1.4.1 as part of the Navigator enhancements:

Works beautifully, covers point 1 exactly as requested, thank you @Louis and the Cwicly team!

Thanks for this proposal and pointing out the implementation.
Great work @team :sunglasses:

Just confirming that in 1.4.1 there is not yet a provision for the behaviour in point 2.

Perhaps a "keep in sync’ toggle can be added that enables this.

Also, it would be ideal if we can use it for global classes as well as that is also not available as of 1.4.1.

You can use it for global classes / linked block classes as pointed out here:

Wow, nicely done, I didn’t spot the text in brackets first time around! Thank you @Louis.

For the global and linked block classes, perhaps a future feature can be to show it on the context menu as well, for discoverability.

And then, within 48 hours it is already available!

Thank you @Louis and the Cwicly team! :trophy:

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