A few points for possible improvement

Hi @Louis - I created my first live site with Cwicly and found it very performant and straightforward.

I ran into a few minor points that could perhaps be improved:

-Oft times when I click into a number box a “1” is inserted and the control is no longer in focus. Double clicking often gets in, but it is a bit awkward.

-The place where you create a new external style sheet you have to search for it. If possible, it would be nicer if the ones created showed in the list without needing to search.

-You activate the external style sheet by clicking the red dot, but it is not obvious what that red dot means. I thought it meant I needed to save. A dot is used other places to indicate that a setting is applied and clicking the dot removes the setting. Perhaps there is another indicator?

-When you add a link wrapper it is disabled at start, but I think most times when someone adds a link they intend it to be active, so perhaps it could be active when created.

-When you duplicate an icon or an image you get duplicate IDs (I didn’t try other blocks).

-When you upload an image to the media library you can give it alt text. It appears that Cwicly includes that in the page source, but when in the editor and you go to settings for the Image block there is an input box for Image Alt that is blank. It would be nice to see the alt text in the editor if it exists.

-It could well be user error, and perhaps this goes away with the new class system, but I created a class with a 1 pixel border and the size set to specific pixels. When I applied that class to an image, the border was applied, but the size didn’t change. It stayed as auto / 100%, which is what the default was when it was added to the page.

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you.


It’s always interesting to me to watch other people use the same tools. The end result could be the same but the path could be so so different. Good process video, David. Thanks. Making A One Page Profile Website With Cwicly - YouTube


And… less than 21 hours later… much of this is solved. Amazing.
I am interested in the new responsive image css though.
I’ve been using more er… newer CSS like this.

img {
  max-inline-size: 100%;
  block-size: auto;

Hello @David,

Hope you’re well.
Great to see Cwicly on one of your live sites!

Really enjoyed your presentation which has a lots of little nuggets :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to write down the things that have come up and you think could be improved.

This is something I have experienced myself and have been wanting to look at closer. It definitely needs some adjustments made to it to allow the number scrubbing and input to work in tandem a bit more gracefully.

Maybe automatically selecting the stylesheet when created is the way to go here as I can see an unnecessary action as you point out.

This is a useful point.
I can understand the confusion with the dot as it is used to reset otherwise in almost every case. Will look at how we can move to something that’s less specialised (eye icon?)

I do get caught in this also. We have been considering it, but want to make sure it doesn’t get enabled unnecessarily.

Yes, duplication through the menu context is currently our last trouble causer. This is being reviewed currently as with page-specific rules, the way blocks identification is managed inside Cwicly will change and allow us to move away from having our custom copy/pasting logic, which in turn will remove all frustration with duplicate IDs and Classes.

Interesting point. The alt field in Cwicly is specifically meant to override (if wanted) the one provided and managed by the Media Library, which is why we leave it blank. I can understand the confusion this could create, maybe a hint with the alt from the media library (if it exists) is something to consider here.

This is because we apply the auto/100% by default on image blocks, although 1.2 fixes this by moving the defaults to a CSS class. So you shouldn’t experience this issue anymore.

Thanks again @David , have a great week-end!

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Oh… what can I say :slight_smile: Logical properties it will be!

Thanks a lot for that!!

Thank you @Louis. Nice changes in 1.2.

I’m really looking forward to your live stream with Paul C. I think it is going to be epic!


I was going to suggest this as well. I think it makes sense for the link wrapper to be enabled by default whenever a URL or a dynamic data source is entered.

Alternatively, you could consider whether the toggle is even truly needed.

I can’t think of too many times I’d want to disable a link but save it for later. Unless anyone else can?


+1 for having it activated if a link is added or source/data is modified.

I added the toggle since I have found myself in quite a few situations in the past where I wanted to move the link to another block, but didn’t want to spend the time figuring out and removing the setting that activated it (more of a problem with dynamic setting).

Good point, guys.
Sometimes I just forget to enable the link and when checking on front-end, I need to toggle, save and refresh again.
It’s just because I am expecting that’s the way it would work.
But at least I know what went wrong and can tweak it without wasting time.

I can. And there are quite a few more cases where the toggle is a real lifesaver for me.

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