Z-index of modal

Hi there,

On my front page, I designed a DIV with a “z-index: 1” (because of an absolute position). When the modal of my header is opened the DIV of the page stay in the foreground and cover the modal.
I tried to set “z-index: 999” to the background DIV of the modal but the issue remains.

Can you help me please.

Any link to have a look?

Z-Index only works for elements on the same level.
What you can do is to give your header template part a position of relative and a z-index.

First, attach a custom class to it:

I think something like this would work:

.my-custom-class {
   position: relative;
   z-index: 2;

Just add it inside the Cwicly options

Alternatively you could use a Code Block.

Let me know if it helps.