WP Fusion integration

Hey there, Although there are different possibilities in this realm, I feel like WP Fusion would be a great integration to connect CRMS to and compliment the built-in conditional logic across user data/content showing/hiding with Cwicly. Ask for Jack! Comparably passionate WordPress developer! Check WP Fusion docs about ACF. specifically.

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@Louis More context of one thing that WP Fusion has integration with (but the fewer plugins, the better, so please still consider it as a future feature!) I just informed Jack Arturo (WP Fusion founder) about you guys just now. He had not heard of Cwickly. Now he knows!

Hey there @Pat,

Welcome to the community, great to have you on board!

Thanks for taking the time to post here. Definitely an integration we’ve been receiving more and more demand for so it’s on our radar!
I often see Jack Arturo’s tweets and also his latest one on Gutenberg.
Definitely will check this out to see when we can get this integrated.


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Hey @Louis !, Thanks for the hyper-proactive response. Super excited about Cwickly to realize our different projects. If you have a sec, I sent a couple of questions extending our already long chat history on the site Gist chatbox. I will make sure to add all relevant stuff here from now on, but please take a look and let me know your thoughs

Oups, haven’t seen that! Will look at them in the next hour, sorry for that.

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Thank you for the follow up. Moving all future com here.

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Check the request at the WP Fusion website, and vote for it!

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@Hein, thanks for voting over there. I posted that feature request, and hopefully it can happen one day!

WP fusion does have ACF integration

@Hein yes, Jack did outline that. For ACF it should work, but WP Fusion has a lot of user DB specific features that can show/hide content depending on the CRM specific tag assigned behavior. But I am still trying to see what can be done off the shelf with Cwicly, once I implement the CRM>WP fusion>WP Fusion ACF integration. Fingers crossed!

I also need an integration with WPFusion that can work with CRM tags and adjust visibility.