Woocommerce templates : blank page

When I activated Woocommerce, a couple of templates were created: PRODUCT CATALOG, PRODUCT SEARCH RESULTS, etc.
When I try to edit these template I reach a blank page.
Is it something normal? How can I edit and display a single product on my site?

Here is a full screenshot of a single product with a fresh install of Wordpress.
What I made wrong? This is uggly!
What to do to have something better?

Is it too early to build a Woocommerce site with Cwicly?
All the pages created by Woocommerce have no design: single product, checkout, etc.
Is there a solution or is it necessary to wait for a next Cwicly release?
I can’t no longer wait to set my site online.
Can you answer in order to avoid me wasting time and tell me if there is not yet a valuable solution.

Hello @weedor,

We try our best to answer in a timely manner, so please appreciate this.

Cwicly deactivates WooCommerce styles by default, but you can reactivate all of them by simply heading to Cwicly Settings β†’ Advanced Settings β†’ WooCommerce
This information is also available in the docs: WooCommerce - Cwicly Documentation

As for the template edition, please use the Site Editor β†’ Templates.

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Thanks a lot!
Everything runs fine now. I will optimize these pages when Cwicly will be ok with Woocommerce but for now EVERYTHING IS GREAT!
Again, @Louis, you rocks!