Woocommerce parallel checkout

Hi! My question may not exactly be Cwicly related, but maybe what I need can be achieved with it and ACF:

I need to make a “webshop”, in which instead of checkout and payment you send a request for quotation for the items in the cart. So there would be no prices, etc. This is the easy part, but there will be some items which need to have prices, and normal, direct checkout with payment. Can I “run” the two systems parallel somehow? Should I use Woocommerce for both? In the long run I need the easiest way to switch items to normal checkout from quotation when needed and vice versa.

Thanks in advance!

I found this plugin, but as the quote system would just need to send and email with the item numbers and quantities I’m looking for the simplest solution. My other worry is that I saw some other people’s posts here, looking for help with Woo plugins, can this be used with Cwicly?

Request a Quote for WooCommerce

If you use the legacy WooCommerce shortcodes in the templates, then most plugins should work.

Some plugins may work with the WooCommerce blocks, but you will have to check those on a per-plugin basis.

There is a list of compatible plugins in the WooCommerce docs but this is not up-to-date and therefore no useful at this stage.

Okay, I will look into it, thank you! It shows Elementor / Divi integration, but as Cwicly is not fully integrated with Woocommerce that shouldn’t matter, right? Do you think there is any way to make this work, without relying on a plugin?

Yes, it can be done using custom code, I have done this a few different ways over the years.

If you don’t have any other WooCommerce related plugins, you may be able to simply do it within Cwicly by customising the templates and conditionally adding the Add to Cart button or a Request Quote button depending on an ACF boolean field you can set on a per product basis.

The words “fully integrated” don’t really have a clear meaning in this context as WooCommerce is constantly being updated and their FSE support is evolving with every version.

Cwicly has many useful integrations with WooCommerce that can help speed up development and there are more planned according to what Louis has shared.

In the meantime, it is entirely possible to create a functional WooCommerce site using Cwicly, so in that sense, you can say it is “fully integrated”.

Yes, I would try the ACF approach for sure, but the part I don’t understand is how can the Quote system and “cart” be seperated from the main one…?

For the other part thank you for clearing that up, I wouldn’t want to use anything but Cwicly, and this will be the first Woocommerce site I make with it. Maybe I misunderstood the replies in Woocommerce Integration’s feature request. I know account page can be customized the legacy way, but searching will be an important part of the site too, etc. I’m a bit worried of the walls on the road, as I really can’t do custom codes for these by myself…

Account page customisation is not possible yet in FSE, that is not a Cwicly limitation but a WooCommerce limitation. Cwicly doesn’t add anything to customise the account page as of yet as you say.

A good rule of thumb is, if you are using plugins not compatible with WooCommerce blocks, then use the legacy WooCommerce templates, else feel free to use any combination of Cwicly and WooCommerce blocks in full custom templates (can use all Cwicly blocks if preferred depending on what you are implementing).

With the request a quote button, there will be some form of customisation required as it is not a built-in feature.

So you can either use a plugin that allows per product customisation for that, or you can use the Cwicly approach and that will require you to add some custom code.

Wouldn’t this limit the customization with Cwicly on the whole site? Or would I be able to add my own templates for the product archive, etc. the same way?

I will need to learn into ACF more if what I have in mind is even possible haha.
Thank you again for your help!

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Again, it depends on what other plugins you are using. If you don’t have any plugins that hook into the product page and archive, then you can be free to use a Cwicly block based template for that even if you use the shortcodes for the Checkout and Cart templates.

There is no overt limitation other than what is required for compatibility from WooCommerce / the plugins.