WooCommerce links don't work

I’m experiencing the problem, that the dynamic woocommerce links like checkout, cart etc. (and some others like archive) aren’t added in the frontend correctly if I’m using the Cwicly modal to add links to elements.

I first thought of some interference with another plugin, but uninstalling all other plugins except Cwicly and WooCommerce or even a clean install with just these both plugins leads to the same behaviour.

Console has no errors.
PHP also no errors at all.

To me it seems like the attributes aren’t added correctly.

Here is the fresh test environment:
PW: sp

Hi @chrisNun,

You don’t appear to be using a Cwicly Nav block or Cwicly Menu block for your navigation links.

So, based on the frontend alone it is not possible to work out the cause of your issue.

If you show exactly what you are doing to add the links, this may help isolate the cause of the problem.

No I’m using paragraphs as links, buttons etc. and adding the links via sidebar.
The links in the menu seem to work correctly. I tried a menu with cart & checkout links and these worked as expected.

For things like a Mini Cart I need to add the links this way. Only workaround would be to use a code block.

Here is a Screenshot of one of the Links in the backend:

You can add a mini cart button or any other type of button to the Nav block, it is quite flexible - here is a quick example:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 21.58.40

Added a Navblock Element and tried a Cart and a Checkout Button there also.
Still no success.

PW: sp

OK, I think I understand the issue - you are using URL > Dynamic > Checkout, which as far as I know requires the Cart Context to work.

If you simply point the URLs to the static pages themselves, this should solve the issue.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 13.23.38


Hi @chrisNun,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

As @StrangeTech rightly pointed out, the Woo Cart and Checkout dynamic links require the Cart Context to function as expected.

You can do so from the Div block, from the Context tab:

If you are using paragraphs within a Div block, you can directly apply the cart context to the parent div.
Alternatively, if you are using the Nav block, you can add the Div cart context within the Custom Dropdown block.

This is also a possible solution.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hey, yeah sorry for the lack of information from my side. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok nice, that did the trick!
I’m just not quite sure, if this is intuitive, since I think I’ll not be the only one to run into this problem.
Maybe it is possible to check whether the right content is set for the parent?
If not an alert or small hint next to the select box would have been helpful.

Nevertheless thanks @StrangeTech & @Araminta for your instant help!
Got a bit smarter today :wink:


Hello @chrisNun,

Sorry for the trouble here.
Definitely something that should be addressed in the coming updates.

Thanks for your patience on this one!


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