Woocommerce Bookings Price Not Reflecting in Query when Front-end rendering is enabled

I am using official woocommerce extension called woocommerce bookings. It creates a new product type called Bookings. Details of the extension can be found here. WooCommerce Bookings - Booking & Reservations WordPress Plugin

I am trying to get it’s price shown in a Query template. It’s showing the price correctly on the editor preview with front-end rendering enabled or disabled. But it’s only showing the price on the site if front-end rendering is disabled. Can I not use front-end rendering for this? Any ideas?


Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.0.2
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: - N/A
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: Using a custom theme

Hi there @dranzer,

So if I’m understanding correctly, you cannot retrieve the price when using Frontend rendering, but works without?

Would it be possible for me to have temporary access to your installation if it is live? This would help me see what’s being queried and what might not be reaching the frontend rendering data handler.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Louis,

Thanks for your prompt reply. You are understanding the issue correctly. I’ll send you access tomorrow to check.

Hi @Louis,

Sorry for the delay. I have dmed you the details on how to reproduce the error. Please take a look. Thanks!

Best regards,

Hi @dranzer , not sure if you fixed the problem already.

I faced the same problem in the query block before, but once I switched the query from “Post” to “Product”, the error is fixed and it can be correctly shown in the frond-end.

I am using the plugin call “YITH Booking & Appointment”, hope this helps.


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Hi @business.circledeer,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t see bookable product type under Product in Query. How to configure then?

How do you compare the YITH solution with native booking add-on?

Hi @dranzer ,

For bookable products, you need to input “booking” in product type while using query block. Please try and see if its help!

I am not sure if its good to talk about the other plugins here. But I think both YITH booking and WooCommerce booking are good plugins. However, as i am building a marketplace website and i am using YITH vendor, i chose to use YITH booking. And for sure, better support comparing with WooCommerce! But i think in the view of using cwicly, I think using woocommerce plugin will be more better after woocommerce integration? I think this will require Louis’s opinion.


@business.circledeer It works perfectly. I wasn’t aware that I can type and create booking type. Thanks so much!

@Louis May be it needs to be highlighted that we can manually input the product type?

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I am picking up this topic since I’m facing a similar issue.

Brand new Install with woocommerce only.

What I did is adding a query block to the product catalog template and queried after post-type “Products”.
When Frontend-Rendering is enabled I am not able to access any woocommerce related fields. Wordpress and ACF field are accessible (as long as ACF is set to inlcude in rest…).

However, when I pick “Inherit query from URL” it works again, but I need a bit more control over the query so it’s not possible for me to inherit the query since I want to build a bit more complex query! Any workarounds for this?! :slight_smile:


I’m also working on a similar project with WooCommerce Bookings. Just a side question: How did you guys show the booking calendar in the single product page template?