Will BBPress templates be supported?

Hi all.

Will BBPress templates be supported ?

I saw that you took over the comments template.

BBPress is simple, but I am still to see a proper implementation via templates so BBPress looks decent.

BBPress it simple, but more and more I lean towards simple. I have played around with Discourse - the software that this forum is build on - but basically it doesnt have any templates and … ahhhh … all these settings, new interfaces and “stuff” around what really matters - CONTENT IS KING.

And it makes unified search possible easily. When using Discourse you run into these problems.

Would be nice for me, but not sure it fits the level of this product, which seems higher. But it would make sense, since Cwicly is so internal to the wordpress-family and basically no other theme has template-integration.

Yeah, that would be really nice actually. Nice and simple forum.