Why don't template blocks show in admin edit post

Sorry, I forgot to write, the top image is the Cwicly template (generated from themer).

@Louis are we imposed this behaviour by FSE or else?
Is there any reason that it can’t / won’t be done (at least as an option)?

Hi @AnthonyKeller,

This is something that will be implemented in 2023 by Gutenberg themselves when they unite the Editor if I’m not mistaken.

Although, we have done our best to bring all the styling you might apply to the Post Content block (or Section block containing it) directly in the Post Editor.

Then I guess I found the one thing I miss about Elementor…
But seriously I am very sad about that and pray this feature come quick as it feels outdated to build blindly from a template without a proper live render.
Does anyone know of a way to browser sync on gutenberg save?
Ex: I hit command S on editor and other browser window auto refreshes.