I’m having fun testing different site builders, and of course, my first one was with Cwicly, and it will be my reference. All others will be compared to Cwicly.


So here is the idea: i’ve designed a onepage, and the challenge is to see what i can build in 2h with each builder. Then compare lighthouse and ecograder reports, and my overall feeling.
And then i post it on youtube

Here is the site : https://whichbuilder.rocks

Enjoy !


Great, love what you are doing and your design

thanks! i really had fun with this design, it’s far from what i usually do for my clients and i wanted to do something for me :slight_smile:


@pomilo Just to give you a heads up, the site currently returns a 403 error.

@StrangeTech in which country are you ? i’ve installed wordfence plugin and this is my first time with this plugin, i think that’s what caused you the 403

looks very nice! I am watching it now. I can understand about 50% of French based on my Spanish, so it’s a comprehension lesson as well :slight_smile: PS, the screen recording is pretty blurry. are you using OBS? there is a ‘recording quality’ setting that might be all you need, but would recommend bumping up the quality if you’re doing more of these. cheers.

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@boconnell quality was good but i compressed it to upload it on youtube ('cause my internet is not very fast and it took 2h to upload)
The second video that i’ve post yesterday is not blurry and i had the same settings…

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