Which SEO Plugins

Which SEO Plugins do you suggest and are working fine with Cwicly?
Greets, Oliver

Hi @vuevoir,

We are using Rank Math SEO and find it very reliable and full-featured.

Many thanks @StrangeTech

I havent decided or evaluated a SEO plugin for me. As @StrangeTech mentioned Rank Math is in use,. Any other experiences with Yoast, TSF or AIO?

Yoast is rather bloated. Rank Math is good, I believe you can add schema without the pro version.

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I switched to SEOPress recently. The pro version is a one time payment for unlimited activations. It is more than enough for me.


Tried Yoast, SEOpress, RankMath, Slim SEO, no plugin (just code), but ended up using SEO Framework for all new sites.
Simple, easy to setup, lightweight, no conflict or bug, ever.


Same for me as @yankiara mentioned - tried many of them but The SEO Framework is the way to go for me.

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SEO Framework for me too. It’s free, simple, and lightweight. It also lets you set individual pages to be shown or not shown in your local website search results, which I pretty much never saw in other plugins.

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Many thanks to you all for your helpful hints.

Actually SEOPress is $49 a year (no renewal discount), there is no one-time-payment, but it is for unlimited domains as you say, but still great value for money - I have tried the other well known names and this is my tool of choice.

Also for @vuevoir, it should be mentioned that your SEO plugin of choice has nothing to do with the theme or editing tools you use!

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You’re right @bung55. My question headed into another direction, mainly which SEO tools are in use from users in combination with Cwicly. In this thread you could discover 3 names which are frequently mentioned by others. And these are the tools I will look into and I will find the tool, which fits my needs.

You are right, my bad. It’s 49 per year.