What does the query ID field do?

I noticed when I duplicated a query, the ID remained the same. That said, I was able to edit both of them independently, and have the changes remain. At least that’s the way it looked. I changed each ID to be distinct (they seemed to be very small numbers, so hopefully overlap with some other ID is not a problem :-). What are the implications of editing the ID, or failing to?

Hi, I was wondering the same, and just had a look at the doc:


The query ID is used for filters. In the case where you have multiple queries on a page, you can specify which a particular filter will apply to. When setting up filters, each has an input field for Query ID.

Thanks! So that means I should probably make sure the query ids are unique per page in case I want to use filters to further control them? That clarifies both filters and queries. Bonus! I’ll do that from now on.