Visibility conditions bug

Dear admin

Visibility conditions are not working properly.

  1. In the picture I sent. I have set the display condition to not show 404 page with header and footer but when checking, header and footer still exist on 404 page
  2. This display error also applies to templates and most layouts of Cwicly theme

Thank you !

Hi @NHViet,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.

I can reproduce this on the Global Header parts only, not on Global Footer or any other condition for templates.
Could you possibly show me the conditions for the Global footer?


Dear admin

This is setting for Footer

Like I said the Cwicly theme display problem. here is an example of a bug

I create 404 Template and set up visibility condition do not show if with “vay online”.But when I check it, it doesn’t work. Form 404 still exis → display condition not working correctly

Thank you !

In your screenshot, you have “blog” as the category in the conditions.

Dear Louis

There is a little misunderstanding. I would like to confirm again

Setting for Header:

Setting for Footer

And results:

Global Footer works well with display rules. Only Header is not working correctly
Thank you !

Hi @NHViet,

So we can confirm that there is only an issue with the header rules? It’s the only one we can reproduce.


Dear Louis

Exactly right !

Thanks for the support

Hello @NHViet,

Apologies for the trouble.
Thanks for the report.
This should be fixed in the latest update.